Spot the Track

Last week I decided to embark on a side project, making a music search app using the Spotify API. It's pretty simple, you can search for songs that you like and play a 30-second sample.

Spot the Track | Uses the Spotify API

Spot the Track | Uses the Spotify API

Using the Spotify API, I made an AJAX call to the endpoint and used jQuery to get the track name from the search bar. I used Postman to figure out how to get at the track name and practiced drilling down into the data before jumping into the code. For the duration of this project, console.log and debugger were my friends. Before moving on, I made sure I was hitting the endpoint and the track name entered. 

The challenge for me, lay in getting the artist name, track name, album image and 30-second preview to render using Underscore. I'm used to using ejs (embedded javascript) with Node/Express app and the only similarity I find between the two is <% %>. What are these things called anyway?

I have  a few features and bugs to complete. You can see them here on the GitHub repo.