It's through mistakes that you actually can grow. You have to get bad in order to get good. -- Paula Scher

Innovation Labs

Helsinki Design Lab - now closed, helped government leaders see the "architecture of problems."

Superflux - works at the intersection of emerging technologies and everyday life to design for a world in flux.

Fabrica - educational institution, research workshop and studio in Treviso, Italy financed by the Benetton Group.

ARUP Foresight - think-tank and consultancy that deals with the future of the built environment and society at large.

Mind Lab - cross-governmental innovation unit which involves citizens and businesses in creating new solutions for society.

Citymart - enables cities to identify, evaluate and adopt game-changing solutions, which contribute to the creation of more sustainable, resilient, entrepreneurial and responsive cities.

Plot - a London-based innovation consultancy doing amazingly interesting work.

Vision Arc - a NYC-based design, research, and visualization think-tank led by Toshiko Mori. Vision Arc is dedicated to exploring the role of design within complex social and environmental issues.

The Why Factory - a global think-tank and research institute, run by MVRDV and led by professor Winy Maas. TWF explores possibilities for the development of our cities by focusing on the production of models and visualisations for cities of the future.

IDEO - an international design and consulting firm that uses the design thinking methodology to design products, services, environments, and digital experiences.

Continuum - global design and innovation consultancy that helps organizations through design strategy, brand services, experience, environments and product design .

Future Cities Catapult  - place where cities, businesses and universities come together to develop solutions to the future needs of our cities.

New Cities Foundation - shapes a better urban future for all by generating and scaling ideas and solutions through events, research and urban innovation project.

Network Architecture Lab - an experimental think-tank investigating the impact of digital technology, telecommunications and changing sociocultural condition on architecture, the city, and society.

Tomorrow Lab - a product design and engineering consultancy with a unique focus on prototyping new hardware technology, and turning those prototypes into market-ready products

Gray Area Art & Technology - uses digital tools to create art and design projects that benefit society.


Syntax – Tasty Web Development Treats - Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski dive into web development topics — they cover JavaScript frameworks like React, the latest advancements in CSS, simplifying web tooling and more.

Hanselminutes – Fresh Tech Talk from Fresh Faces - it’s "Fresh Air" for developers. Scott interviews movers and shakers in technology in this commute-time show. 

Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots – a podcast about the design, development, and business of great software..

Tech Talker's Quick and Dirty Tips to Navigate the Digital World - demystifying technology and cutting edge devices. Get answers to some of the most pressing questions you have when dealing with technology.

Builders by Betaworks – A betaworks podcast about people who are making a dent in the universe. Covering the tech ecosystem and beyond. Hosted and Produced by Laila Oweda.

Startup Podcast - Alex Blumberg tells the story of what it's really like to get his business Gimlet Media, off the ground.

Art + Design Studios

(custom gallery)

Obscura Digital - creative studio that creates one of a kind immersive experiences.

Project Projects - design studio focusing on print, identity, exhibition, and interactive work with clients in art and architecture.

Bruce Mau Design - a multidisciplinary design firm specializing in brands & environments.

FAARM - develops and advocates for sustainable and renewable systems of design, integrating architecture, energy, water and agriculture for under-served communities.

Daily tous les jours - an interaction design studio with a focus on participation in public spaces.

PlayLab - controls the amount of space in between each index item thumbnail image.

MoreLab - creates innovative artworks, installations and experiences that examine our understanding of the social, political and ecological dynamics of public space.

mmmm... - a collaboration between Emilio Alarcón, Alberto Alarcón, Ciro Márquez and Eva Salmerón, who have been creating projects for public spaces since 1998 in Madrid, Spain.

BroLab - a collective established by five artists that built a practice bridging art and design principles exploring minimalist objects where people can interact with both the artists and the work


Creative Programming

Lauren McCarthy - artist and programmer whose work explores the structures and systems of social interactions, identity and self representation.

Sosolimited - art and technology studio that operates at the intersection of public space and interaction technology.

Studio Drift - creates projects that walk a fine line between art and design. Their creative process is fueled by innovative techniques and light is a key element in their work.

Lara Tomholt - focuses her research on robotics in the home to create a ‘living machine’ with modern day technologies. She views the future smart home as one robot entity that becomes responsive, adaptive and interactive.

Aaron Koblin - artist, designer and entrepreneur specializing in data and digital technologies.

Harvard's: This is CS50 - introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming. It teaches students how to think algorithmically and solve problems efficiently.

Jimmy Chion - build stuff using code, electronics, and physical materials.

Joëlle Bitton - 

Office for Creative Research - hybrid research group, working at the intersection of technology, culture and education.

Design Studios

Folder Studio - visual identities, websites, publications and other printed and digital matter for cultural and commercial clients..

Ivan Toth Depeña - Miami-based artist informed by his experience in art, architecture, technology and design.

Sebastian ErraZuriz - Chilean-born artist and designer tackling everything from political artworks to giant public art projects, experimental furniture to product design and women’s shoes to motorcycles..

Experimental Jetset - small, independent, Amsterdam-based graphic design studio focusing on printed matter and site-specific installations, and describing their methodology as “turning language into objects”.

Ekene Ijeoma - artist and designer exploring the intersections of social issues, data studies and life experiences. He creates websites, apps, installations, and performances translating overlooked facts into informed feelings.

Elisa Yi Feng - monitors for changes in your source code and automatically restarts your Node server.

Kees Bakker - graphic designer who focuses on print, interactive, identity, and exhibition work for the arts, cultural and non-profit organizations.

YouvsJesus - design practice focusing on interactive, identity, and installation work for the arts and cultural sector.

Studio Rubic - focuses on editorial design (books and magazines) and printed matter (brochures, programs, posters, cards and logotypes), but also conceives complete corporate identities, signposting systems and websites..

Anton & Irene - design studio.

Tracy Ma - graphic designer.

Noa Younse - uses his design background in conjunction with computational techniques to visualize data and generate algorithmic art.

Linked by Air - internationally renowned graphic design studio specializing in the creation of design systems and technological platforms that grow with institutions. The studio works with major cultural and educational organizations, charities, artists, architects and corporations.

Math Practice - interdisciplinary design and research studio, with interest in studying, evaluating, and criticizing complex systems and its pursuit of efficiency.

Projects Projects - award-winning design studio specializing in work for art, architecture, education, and culture.

Neil Donnelly - graphic designer who often works with clients in architecture and art, including the Guggenheim, Yale University, Columbia University, The New York Times and more.

Partner and Partners - design practice focusing on  print, exhibitions, interactive and identity work with clients and collaborators in art, architecture, public spaces and activism.

Justin Woo - American graphic designer based in Paris.

A Practice for Everyday Life - graphic design studio based in London. Their work includes art direction, identities, publications, exhibitions, type design, signage, packaging, and digital.


Architecture Studios

Stereotank - dedicated to the research and exploration of the common grounds between architecture, art and sound.

MAIO Studio - architectural office based in Barcelona that works on spatial systems that allow theoretical and practical positions converge.

Studio Gregory Hurcomb - experimental art, architecture and design firm that engages the visual and perceptual fields through diverse and intricate agendas. It seeks to amalgamate sound, light, film, and structure into new forms and energies.

ENORME Studio - design and build ARCHITECTURE PROJECTS based on industrial systems and typological innovation. We're specialists in mobile systems design applied to housing, office design and retail.

Ecosistema Urbano - Madrid based group of architects and urban designers operating within the fields of urbanism, architecture, engineering and sociology.

Futures North - a collaborative design+fabricate+build firm with a passion for data-driven design, innovative technologies, and the construction of public art.

ART+COM Studios - designs and develops new media installations and spaces. 

Interface Animations - show the full event date (day, month, year) of the event on the list view.

Jesse Seegers - spatial practitioner working between architecture, graphic design, writing, editing, publishing, curating, and research practices..

Organization for Spatial Practice - founded on theorizing and constructing the discipline of Spatial Practice to serve as a framework for spatial, sociocultural production for the 21st century (founded by Jesse Seegers).

Jonathan Crisman - director of No Style, a design and publishing practice, and with Jia Gu he forms LABOR, an interdisciplinary art and architecture studio.

We Made That - architecture and urbanism practice with a strong public conscience.

Interrobang - trans-disciplinary architecture and engineering practice.

Caitlin Morris - artist and technologist working with digital and fabricated media.

PlayLab - explore simple observations of things that interests us, using art, architecture, and graphic design to initiate and work with others on ideas.